AVC is open to everyone!

AVC is open to everyone!

AVC is open to everyone!AVC is open to everyone!AVC is open to everyone!

All ages.

All ages.

All ages.All ages.All ages.

All levels.

All levels.

All levels.All levels.All levels.

All fun.

All fun.

All fun.All fun.All fun.

All the way.

All the way.

All the way. All the way. All the way.

Come jump with us!

Come jump with us!

Come jump with us!Come jump with us!Come jump with us!


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Practice Calender

All scheduled practices. Always keep an eye on instagram page for cancellations or changes. 

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HS / Club Open Meets

List of all open meets to club athletes. Contact AVC for info on if poles will be provided from AVC or if coach will be going. 

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About AVC



Airborne Vault Club was starting in 2017 by Coach Joel Fraser.  The name came to Coach Fraser while he was attending Airborne School for the US Army.  AVC is a young club but is excited for the future of developing great vaulters and growing the sport. 



AVC practice is ran in the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Mountain Lion Field House.  The UCCS indoor track was built in 2017 and is one of the top indoor facilities to train in Colorado. The field house has a full 200 meter track, weight room, and small turf training area.  All parts of the facility are open for use for all AVC members during practice times.  AVC also has a great selection of poles for vaulters of all ages / levels. 



Training at AVC will depend on the level / experience of the athlete.  We only get a small amount of time with the athletes each week so we try to focus on vaulting.  We highly encourage getting into a strength, speed, and power development program outside of club. Ask us about options for training outside of AVC!


Vault Philosophy

HAVE FUN.  The art of pole vaulting can be very frustrating.  It is important to focus on the training but have fun doing it.  Every athlete will vault differently and its our job to figure out what works best for each athlete.  Having fun and safe vaulting are the first two priorities.  We are firm believers that every athlete needs to get advice from multiple coaches.  We encourage jumping in other places with other coaches to get all the advice that you can.  Feel free to bring your own coach into our club! We can all learn from each other!



We have a good selection of poles at AVC.  However, a majority of our poles belong to UCCS and we can not promise that we will be able to supply poles to you for meets.  If you or your school has poles we encourage that you bring them.  We will do everything that we can to make sure you have what you need for meets!


Coach Fraser

Coach Fraser was born and raised in Gunnison, Colorado. He went on to pole vault at both UCCS and Grand Canyon University. For the last 8 years he has coached at Sky athletics vault camp in Arizona. He is currently the pole vault coach at UCCS and will also be coaching at the Reno Pole Vault Summit in 2020. His coaching philosophy and expertise comes from spending years with some of the best coaches in the country within the Sky Athletics Club. 



You do not have to be a member of AVC to jump with us. Simply come in, sign the waiver, and pay a drop in fee! Want to bring your coach? Bring them in and pay a discounted fee! To be a member of AVC you must have a USATF membership. Link is at bottom of page to get a membership! Feel free to contact us with any questions!



AVC is a USATF club. All coaches are certified, insured, and have background checks through USATF. 


AVC is dedicated to the growth of the sport of pole vault in the Colorado area and beyond.  With support from the community we can continue to give aspiring athletes the training and equipment they need.  All donations will go directly towards buying poles for AVC athletes. 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


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